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AE Tutoring

Peer Tutoring: For one-on-one tutoring email Robert at

Other tutoring services available on campus are linked below

Physics Tutoring              Math Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring for all subjects is available through Peer Connections.

The Writing Center provides tutoring for all English classes.

AE162 Workshop: SGT will be providing a series of problems and problem solving skills to help you be successful in AE 162.

Technical Workshop: Check our EVENTS page to get the latest on what we are offering to AIAA members.

AE 160/162 Programs

Ideal Flow Machine: A java based potential flow simulator that allows you to visualize the change in the free stream flow caused by different types of flow.

Javafoil: A useful computer simulation that can help to predict the flow about an airfoil and other shapes.

Wing Analysis: This java program allows you to modify the aspect ratio, sweep angle, taper ratio, and twist angle of a theoretical wing to assit with parametric analysis of wing performance with repsect to Cl, CL, CD, CDi, and e.


Other Resources

Solidworks Online Tutorials: Check out these YouTube videos that will help get you started! E215 and E390 are PC Labs that have Solidworks and are open for your use any time.

Aerospace Lab Manual: The lab manual is used for all AE 160/162 experiments, excluding the water tunnel.